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Street Lights

Written by Mike Xavier

they say the ignorant too foolish to learn
so stay wise and be cautious of them bridges you burn
cause that karma come around up next it might be your turn
Is your life more important than the money you earn
I keep my head high / fist to the sky
the blind lead the blind when it's eye for an eye
So I / speak the truth I never tell no lie
never fear no man / we all living to die
I'm a brave heart / soul of a soldier
gotta spit the flames cause this world is getting colder
the King on the thrown / the Phoenix out the fire
leader of the free / my music keep the people higher
when you looking in mirror tell me who do you see
is you that person that you always out there claiming to be
now watch me / change the world and do it for my people
tell them scared black boys that we all created equal


I stand before you just a man with a dream
my mama told me just be careful who you keep on your team
cause them people see your talent all the see is the green
so many snakes in the grass too many plotting to scheme
by any means, I'm making moves for nonbelievers to see
I push myself to be a newer better version of me
they say my music so addictive like them drugs to the feins
so believe I get you higher than you burning them trees
as a youngin' I was nervous of run-ins with the law
not cause of crime cause the color of my skin that they saw
cause when you're wrong for being black tell me who do you call

see they can try to shoot us down but they ain't killing us all
I'm having visions / thinking bout the way the slaves was living
while we always out to make the laziest decisions
I'm never sleeping on the dream that I was giving
I'm inspired to inspire you can tell by my ambition 
that I'm focused / feeling like I'm gifted to rhyme
I'm the equivalent of all my favorite artists combined
since you listening I hope you take this time to free your mind
I'm an artist for the people I just want to see you shine
think about it or is you nervous
do you ever ask yourself what is your purpose
is the way you live your life working
cause you the only one you're hurting hope you change it up 
and do it all before your final days is up you feel me now

Mike Xavier I Artist I Producer I Future Grammy Winner

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