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If I Ruled The World (Imagine That)

Written by Mike Xavier

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a yo imagine martin luther never there to catch a bullet 
imagine never stressing over cops being crooked 
imagine if we spread more love than spread hate 
stop shooting killing people for nothing for god's sake listen 
imagine that you was a king 
imagine if instead of spending money you was saving everything 
imagine if you told your daughter hold out for a ring 
and told your son instead of shorties he should go and chase a dream 
imagine that instead of having people on the side 
all you had was one person that was loving you right 
and now imagine college students didn't have to pay tuition 
imagine never needing the amber alert system 
imagine that you didn't always feel against the odds 
and single parents didn't always need a second job 
imagine you could change the past 
imagine pac and big still alive and aliyah never crashed

If I ruled the world, imagine that
I'd free all my sons, I love 'em love 'em baby
black diamonds and pearls
could it be, if you could be mine we'd both shine
If I ruled the world
still livin' for today, in these last days and times

If I ruled the world, I love 'em love 'em baby

Mike Xavier I Artist I Producer I Future Grammy Winner

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